VanSeller 2.0

VanSeller is a professional sales support system SFA (Sales Force Automation), providing full support for the point of sale by mobile workers. It is a sales support system, that provides full support for point of sale by mobile workers.
The system consists of modules:

  • mobile – designed for sales representatives,
  • administrative and reporting – for regional managers, administrators, employees of marketing departments or trade marketing.

The modular design and extensive options of parameterization and configuration , enable effective integration with any system operating in the company.
Mobile application installed on the mobile device of sales representatives enables :

  • master data management of contractors, suppliers and products,
  • registration of executed visits,
  • handling of sales functions, issue of invoices and printing on equipped in wireless interface BT, thermal printers that support language ZPL,
  • maintaining inventory of products,
  • sales, on account of different wholesalers / companies,
  • secure and efficient mechanism for the exchange of data between mobile devices and server,
  • planning the visits, registration of absenteeism, conducting surveys,
  • The “targeting module” allows to define tasks for both sales representatives as well as for individual clients.

Server application, available through the browser, provides modules for data management of:

  • contractors,
  • products,
  • tasks,
  • employees,
  • users,
  • loyalty programs.

Expanded reporting module is equipped with a mechanism for automatic distribution of reports via email or SMS.