Mobile Solutions

We create the dedicated mobile solutions for companies that concentrate their current actions on a cooperation with their sales representatives. Our innovative solutions – Sales Force Automation (SFA) – are always connected with the immediate benefits to a customer. It leads to the increase in sales department effectiveness and business costs hospitalization which has a great impact on the sales increase and improving the accounting liquidity.

So far,we have carried out the implementations in the companies that have employed from a few dozen to a few hundred sales representatives. The companies have received the simple and intuitive implements equipped with the latest technological solutions and trends. However, we should not forget that technology has been just a means. The visual result of our implementation is the responsive and effective system that greatly improved the companies’ working methods.

A perfect example of the mobile implement SFA type is VanSeller – the intuitive application based on many modules that can be easily connected together and that could be adapted freely to the individual customer’s requirements. To find out more about VanSeller, please contact us.

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